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Therapeutic Coaching

The therapeutic coaching model provides a solution-focused approach that integrates traditional talking therapy with the following key processes and tools:

EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique]
Life Coaching
NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming]

Potential Areas of Therapeutic Work

Anxiety; Low mood; Low self-esteem; Grief and loss; Self-development; Pain management; Phobias; Management of emotions; Stress management; Trauma; Exam/test stress; Relationship issues; Insomnia; Relaxation; Performance issues; Food cravings; Anger management; Coping with chronic illness/pain; Smoking cessation; Lifestyle changes.

 You may simply be aware that you want change; to break away from limiting behaviours, habits and repeating patterns.


Modern psychology combines with ancient traditional energy meridians in a powerful, yet gentle form of somatic ‘tapping’ therapy


Permissive form of therapy where the client remains in full control but is able to access the imaginative and creative resources of the unconscious

Life Coaching

Clearly identify how you feel about definitive areas of your life, discover your authentic values, and create a plan for empowering change


Learn to develop the ability to calm the body and mind and cultivate invaluable awareness practice around the power of being in the now


Harness through the skilled use of language to effectively understand and adapt or enhance patterns of thinking, behaviours and feelings

What Is Therapeutic Coaching?

Therapeutic Coaching integrates the key principles of NLP, hypnotherapy, developmental psychology, life coaching, EFT and mindfulness training, to help people live a healthier, happier and more relaxed life. The therapeutic relationship is cultivated in a genuine, confidential, empathic and safe environment allowing a growing self-awareness.


Who Is Therapeutic Coaching For?

Each client is unique; each session is unique. There may be specific issues and experiences you wish to explore; you may have an awareness of being stuck, boxed in by history, constrained by limiting beliefs; or you may simply be open to exploring your possibilities and potential, to gain a sense of courage and purpose from your untapped inner resources.

We can work in-person or via Zoom. [The latter enables international working. I’ve worked successfully with clients in Australia, New Zealand, India, Italy, France and Germany.]

What is The Process Like?

The therapeutic coaching process is tailored entirely to the individual. Following a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation [via telephone or Zoom] to gain a sense of what our work may comprise in order to reach your goals, each subsequent session will evolve at a pace commensurate with individual need and may include applied therapeutic process and/or teaching of techniques and tools for life.

1. How will I know if this is right for me?
During our initial free, no obligation, call [via either telephone or Zoom] we will briefly discuss your aims and desired outcome for the work we may go on to do together.
2. What happens in a session?
Each session is very much tailored to individual needs and prevailing goals. A session may include a therapeutic process but may also include the teaching of techniques and tools that, once learned, can be applied throughout your entire life.
3. How long is each session?
A session will be either 60-minutes or 90-minutes in duration, entirely at the behest of the client at the beginning of all our work/each individual session.

The flexibility can prove valuable when working with some processes as the unconscious isn’t aware of time, so it can sometimes prove beneficial to remain in the process for a little longer. However, this is always agreed upon at the beginning of each session.

4. How many sessions will I need?
This is very much reflected in the issues we will be working with. However, it’s entirely possible that some specific issues can be worked through in a single session, whereas others may require a deeper exploration.

Any ongoing therapy will involve regular reviews of progress and reappraisal of goals and aims to remain aligned with the client’s objectives.

5. What are the options for how we can work?

There are essentially three options for our work together:

1. We can work in-person at my home in my custom-built The Therapy Pod.

2. We can work via video-conference call. This would be using either Skype or Zoom. [My preferred platform, for its stability and privacy settings, would be via Zoom.]

3. We can work in-person by me coming to you within a 20-mile radius of Bristol. [Available now. Please enquire directly for tailor-made quotation to include travel.]

6. Will our sessions be confidential?
Absolutely. The therapeutic relationship is built on a foundation of trust and confidentiality.

However, you must be aware of two possibilities where this confidentiality may be broken.

1. I am legally required to notify the relevant authorities if you reveal that you, or another person, is in grave and immediate danger of serious harm, or for the prevention, detection or prosecution of a serious crime [e.g. terrorism].

2. As a therapeutic coach, it’s also an ethical requirement for me to be in ongoing clinical supervision to maintain my own, and my client’s, safety and wellbeing. During these periodic sessions cases may be discussed. However, they would always be done so with strict anonymity.

Therapeutic Coaching Fees

[Following FREE, no obligation, initial consultation]

60-Minute Session

One 60-minute session conducted via Zoom or one-to-one in person in The Therapy Pod.

More Details
Cost inclusive of one 60-minute session conducted via Zoom or one-to-one in person and followup email [as required] containing necessary techniques and toolkit supporting information for ongoing use by the client.

90-Minute Session

One 90-minute session conducted via Zoom or one-to-one in person in The Therapy Pod.

More Details
Cost inclusive of one 90-minute session conducted via Zoom or one-to-one in person and followup email [as required] containing techniques and toolkit supporting information for ongoing use by the client.

6-Session Package

Inclusive of all required flexible sessions and materials in timeline to suit client. [Part of my USP has evolved into giving my clients time within each session to fully explore what comes up for them and not be wholly restricted by clock-watching.]

More Details

Must be paid for in advance.

The cost of the 6-session package conducted via Zoom or one-to-one in person in The Therapy Pod includes any variation on required individual session times – naturally allowing for flexibility within the 60 to 90-minute session structure, or occasionally longer. It also includes follow-up emails [as required] containing all necessary techniques and toolkit supporting information for ongoing use by the client.


About Me

Psychology, counselling and therapy have been close to my heart for much of the past 25 years. Following some big changes at the high school where I worked part-time for the preceding 16 years teaching English as an Additional Language, and working alongside the school counsellor supporting the school’s vulnerable pupils, came an increasing realisation that the time was now … or never.

So, I took the leap of faith to retrain as a Therapeutic Coach on the groundbreaking certification programme which has been run by The Optimum Health Clinic since 2005 and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), British Institute of Hypnotherapy (BIH) and EFT International.

I’m now passionate, in gathering all the wisdom I’ve accumulated along the way, to continue helping others on their own life journeys.


“Every now and then you meet someone who helps change your life for the better in some meaningful way. Nige’ Ollis is one of those people. He was born for this role: he’s caring, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and has the heart and experience for supporting people through a range of life experiences.

I openly admit I was hesitant at first. I had all these things I knew I needed to work on and needed help with but I was overwhelmed, sceptical, and unsure. Nige’ patiently listened to my concerns about trying new therapies without being judgmental or pushy. He gave me all the resources, space, and time I needed to make the decision to start. I’m so thankful I did! He guided me through new and established techniques for managing my anxiety and dealing with past trauma, as well as goal setting and future planning, and really helped me to better understand and connect with myself on so many levels. No matter how stressed or busy or tired I was, I looked forward to our sessions knowing I would leave each one in a better place than when I started. What he really taught me was that I had all that strength and ability within myself already; I just needed help to uncover it. Thank you so much for everything.

– Sally R [Australia]

“Having believed myself constrained by my limited lung function following a severe multi-organ illness over 20 years ago and not really had closure in regards to the severity of the situation [i.e. near death] or had help moving forward with my apparent incapacity, Nige’ used a combination of tapping and breathing technique therapies to clear my mental blockage and allow me to believe in my abilities and not feel as restricted in my life. He literally showed me how to breathe and live again!”

– Katharine D [Bristol, UK]

“Talking with Nige’ gave me the space to develop my self-awareness, and in doing so work on things that I have held close, some since childhood, which have caused pain and issues throughout my life. With the wealth of skills Nige’ has, alongside a professional & compassionate approach, his expertise helped me see things I had avoided, recognise the effect this had on me, and find forgiveness and peace within myself. I cannot thank him enough.”

– Jane V [Bristol, UK]

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