Nige' Ollis

Therapeutic Coach

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Nige’! We all have our own unique journeys, and If you’re curious to learn a little more about the person you might choose to work with, read on …

My Story

After emerging from the car crash of my dysfunctional family and challenging school environment, I walked into the foothills of a career as a Construction Project Surveyor and, combined with my parallel sporting aspirations, lived an extremely successful yet busy and hectic life for 15 years, before the constant push and pull and a particularly dramatic viral assault led to thorough burnout.

After the slow climb from that place – where I learned a great deal about life with a new sense of perspective and priorities – I then embarked upon my next mistake: turning my much loved hobby of photography into a business. The fallout was such that for almost the entire following decade – from the late 90’s to the late 00’s – I barely took an image in anger, my darkroom began to attract dust measurable in layers, and I began referring to my photography entirely in the past tense.

However, all that changed with my conversion to the digital medium – buoyed from the enthusiasm of having one of my images being in Tate Modern and Tate Britain in the summer/autumn of 2008. As a result, I began producing images that entirely eclipsed my earlier work; the intervening decade and its allied maturity seemingly providing the catalyst for new ways of seeing the world around me; the passion and enthusiasm for the medium came flooding back. [If you’re curious you can view my dedicated photography website here.]

Somewhere along the way a curious series of fatefully aligned events saw me offered a temporary, part-time post at a local high school. I stayed for 16 years, evolving into a position where I began teaching English as an Additional Language, and working alongside the school’s counsellor [who would often suggest I had ‘missed my calling’] supporting the vulnerable pupils – genuinely the most memorable, wholly unplanned and rewarding periods of my life. Then, following some significant changes, which saw the school swallowed up by an academy trust, I took what will be my final leap of faith into retraining as a therapeutic coach.

I’m now passionate, in gathering all the wisdom I’ve accumulated along the way, to continue helping others on their own life journeys. And I look forward to the possibility of welcoming my in-person clients to the newly built The Therapy Pod.

My Therapeutic Values & Beliefs


The foundation of the therapeutic relationship; building the trust to feel completely safe and supported to explore your life experiences without judgement, and freeing up the potential to harness the power of your untapped inner resources.

It's your journey

We all have our unique journeys to have brought us to this point; some are traumatic; some are frustrating; some painful; some perpetuating a sense of stuckness; all manner of things.

However, taking the step into therapy will grant you the opportunity to make this a time of growth and self-discovery. The underlying emotions, behaviours and experiences may not have been your chosen path of learning, given the choice, but you will certainly benefit for the rest of your life from the lessons they can bring you, if you are open to them.

Be your own source for change

The potential for change lies within all of us. “That’s just the way I am … I can’t change.” Not true. You have the ability to heal the past and create the future you deserve. I will accompany you; support you; maybe sometimes challenge you. Together, our collaborative aim will be to lay down the foundation of your forward path and open up the possibility to achieve your future aspirations, desires and goals

The power of the unconsious mind

Our conscious mind is capable of doing 7 [plus or minus two] things at the same time. [Well, unless you’re a man and subscribe to the well-worn cliché that multitasking is something completely out of reach!] Whereas our unconscious mind is capable of doing two million things at once.

As well as being in charge of our autonomic bodily systems, our unconscious is also the seat of our memories, creativity, imagination and wisdom. All and everything you’ve ever experienced is simply waiting, a vast reservoir of knowledge and learning to take you beyond your thoughts and beliefs.