The Therapy Pod

After eight months of planning from the first visit to the Green Retreats showroom in Buckinghamshire, The Therapy Pod is now open for face-to-face sessions here in Bristol.

The idea was to create a tranquil space for clients, while at the same time preserving the atmosphere of our existing garden and considerably reducing my commute! I’d like to believe we’ve succeeded on all counts. Inside The Pod I’ve endeavoured to create an equally calming environment to pave the way for developing the client/therapist relationship.

Clients are invited to sit in either the comfortable bucket chairs or sink back on the sofa. The Pod also comes complete with state-of-the-art air-con to keep things toasty in the winter and cucumber cool on even the warmest of summer days.

Originally conceived as The Green Retreat Therapy Pod [for obvious reasons], it’s since become The Therapy Pod and more affectionately, and simply, The Pod. And, for my face-to-face clients, I hope to one day be able to soon welcome you in and begin your journey to a brighter, healthier future of hope and possibilities.

The Build

For those of you with a bit more curiosity around the build, I’ve just added in this section for you to see its progress from the blank canvas of a part of the garden [north-facing wall], which has always proved problematic – in terms of growing plants – to how the final building slots rather beautifully into its new surroundings like it has been there forever.

The Pod itself is a modular construction, and it proved hugely compelling to watch the impressive Green Retreats team lay out, erect and complete the main structure all within a few days. Then, after the installation of the electrics and internal finishings, it was down to me to redesign and re-landscape the garden – which proved a particularly effective way of rediscovering long dormant muscles!

Despite being completed in the depths of midwinter the existing evergreen planting seemingly holds the mood together pretty well, but it will be interesting to see what emerges as the coming seasons unfold and the new perennial planting becomes established too.

Happily, and with fingers crossed as we emerge from the trying, often isolating times of the past couple of pandemic years, it will be a pleasure to welcome face-to-face clients again in the coming months and years. So far, the handful of local clients who’ve experienced The Therapy Pod have given it a heart-warming and favourable thumbs up.